Our color chart is designed to help you reference Glide™ thread colors. We offer this chart as a reference only, and it is not intended to imply an exact color match of Glide™ thread colors. Color appearance will vary based on lighting conditions and angle of view.

Cool Grey 3 thread color
Cool Grey 3
Fog thread color
Cool Grey 7 thread color
Cool Grey 7
Light Grey thread colorLight Grey
White thread color
Linen thread color
Warm Grey 4 thread colorWarm Grey 4
Pearl thread color
German Granite thread colorGerman Granite Titanium thread colorTitanium Slate thread colorSlate Black thread colorBlack
Coffee Medium Brown thread colorMedium Brown Chocolate Dark Brown
Light Copper

Vegas Gold

Camel Wheat
Cloud Azure Marine Hawaiian Blue
Zaffre Pacific Federal Navy
Haze Fandango Raven Lilac
Amethyst Violet Purple Rose Periwinkle
Cotton Candy Salmon Papaya Imperial Red
Ruby Maroon Rust Christmas Pine
Celery Light Olive Aloe Totem green
Pistachio Sea Green Aquamarine Mermaid
Rhododendron Chartreuse Shamrock Persian
Buttercup Cornflower Bright Gold Lava

Variegated Threads

Baby Shower Christmas Blend Sunset Neon
Carolina Sea Foam Cyber Mediterrain
Patriot Rainbow Aquarium Zebra