Services and Pricing

(as of Jan 1, 2018)

Batting is available to purchase at the reduced rate of .0050 per square inch. To insure the best final result for your quilt we prefer to use quality batting and thread products. This also allows us to share the cost savings from volume purchasing with our customers/partners.

Stitching Charges:

Simple edge to edge
Complex edge to edge

$0.020 per square inch
$0.025 per square inch
$20 per border side
quoted individually


We feature Quilters Dream Batting

Dream Cotton Deluxe:  Time tested 100% cotton, with its beauty and durability, has been the first choice for generations of quilt makers.  Natural. Provides superb warmth and weight offering extra emphasis for quilting. Great for machine quilting weighty quilts, wall-hangings, bags, and craft projects.

Dream Blend Deluxeis a 70% Cotton blended with 30% Fine Denier Poly Microfibers creating the perfect batting especially developed for machine quilting.  The highest grade of USA cleaned natural cotton is blended with our silky fine denier polyester microfibers.  These perfectly blended fibers are carded and cross lapped for a smooth consistent web that is layered on to a light scrim and specially needle punched.

For more information on Quilters Dream Batting, please visit their web site:



We feature Fil Tec Glide threads with over 220 color choices in solid and variegated.

There is no charge for the first solid color thread and an of $8 charge for each color change thereafter.

If you choose a variegated thread the additional cost is $5.00

Other threads will be made available upon request.

Other Services


Piecing Backing
Ironing as needed
Squaring fabric as needed
Customer prepared binding for customer to finish
Binding machine stitched on and machine finished by CLP
Binding machine stitched on and hand sewn finished by CLP
Minimum stitching charge


$20.00 and up

$0.10 per linear inch
$0.20 per linear inch
$0.50 per linear inch

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